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Salamanca, a small city of 165.000 inhabitants, is home of some of the most impressive architecture in Spain, and yet it remains a lively and dynamic community. The city is characterized by its unique yellow stone façades which fill the streets with color and light. The diverse architectural styles of its cloisters, churches and Renaissance palaces blend together in the streets and plazas of the old town. The striking engravings which characterize the Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals, the House of Shells, and the façade of the university, all reflect Salamanca’s historical importance, proving it worthy of its prestigious title given by UNESCO as a “Mankind Heritage Monument”.


  • Oldest university in Spain and one of the oldest in the world
  • Long tradition as a destination for foreign students
  • Some of the best Renaissance architecture in Spain
  • A truly university city
  • Place where many of the most relevant Spanish writers and intellectuals studied
  • Close to Madrid and Portugal
  • Place where some of the most famous Spanish ham is produced