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ALA provides opportunities to eligible students to complete a credit bearing internship (3 US credits) in some of our Spain programs. These study abroad/internship programs allow students to participate in our regular study abroad programs adding an internship component, so students gain invaluable experience in an international working place and atmosphere.
Placements occur in areas such as International Education, Tourism, Administration, IT, Translation and Interpretation, Marketing, Research in a Think Tank, Social Work, Hospitality, Retail, Public Relations, Events Coordination, and more.
In order to prepare students for their internship placements, ALA and the participating Spanish universities will provide them with a series of seminars about the Spanish business/company culture and main differences between working environments in the US and in Spain. Students will be assigned to a tutor who will overview their performance and meet with them regularly to guide them during their internship experience in Spain.
These study abroad/internship programs take place in the following partner universities: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Nebrija University, Madrid (NU), University of Salamanca (USAL), and University of Sevilla (USEV). These institutions will provide transcripts incorporating the credits earned in the internship.
Since each internship may have its own particularities we recommend that you contact us at for more information and details about internships opportunities in our ALA programs in Spain.









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